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Chairman’s Trophy Winner: 2017 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Catskill Provisions New York Honey Whiskey recently won the Chairman’s Trophy from Paul Pacult at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017, who gave it a rating of 94, and commented: “A spicy rye kick is matched with succulent aromas of blossom honey, golden raisin, and burnt orange peel. Rye peeks through the honey, with an earthiness to balance the inherent sweetness. Toasted, nutty, and long.”

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CNBC Whiskey Spotlight 2014

“Catskill Provisions mixes its late summer honey with Finger Lakes Distillery’s handcrafted rye to create an 80 proof, flavored whiskey. Availability is limited and will set you back around $47 a bottle. “Finger Lakes is doing a honey liquor with Catskill honey. Just really good stuff,” Bryson said. Bryson unabashedly raved about the taste of the sweet spirit. “I know I just ruined my whole cred, you know, talking about a flavored whiskey. But the stuff is good!”

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An 88 by Whiskey Advocate

“Finger Lakes Distilling rye whiskey infused with Catskill Mountains honey. The nose is grassy, oily rye whiskey, and the honey’s there mostly as a rounder, richer character enhancer. It’s much more present in the mouth, merging very nicely indeed with the rye. There’s authentic, delicious honey flavor here, and it’s balanced beautifully as the rye keeps it from being sticky or oversweet. An excellent and interesting flavored whiskey; up there with the best examples of the category.”

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Whiskey Reviewer

“New York Honey Rye buffs those flavors to a sheen, with an infusion of Catskill Provisions’ all-natural, late Summer wildflower honey culled from the hives that Claire manages. In its refined, long-necked botle, with a beveled collar (“made in the USA,” Claire notes, “we wouldn’t have it any other way!”), the Rye is a dark, syrupy amber, courtesy of the honey’s natural deep tones. In the glass, it lightens a little, but remains a touch darker than its source. The honey infusion circles around McKenzie Rye’s summer scents of fresh-cut grass, ripe mango, vanilla, apricot and berries, enveloping it with hint of toffee, evening meadow, and bringing out a sweetness in the grass.”

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Whiskey on Wednesday

“Catskill Provisions, keeper of happy bees, teamed up with the McKenzie Brothers at Finger Lakes Distilling to create Catskill Provisions New York Honey – a rye whiskey that’s infused with wildflower honey. This spirit is as local as they come. The honey comes from the Northwest Catskill Mountains and the whiskey is made from local rye and malted barley and cask-aged in the Finger Lakes wine country.”

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Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2015’s favorites

“…A honeyed, buttery nose gives way to a mouth full of sweet toffee, ripe mango flesh and heaps of sun-dried summer grass. For a flavored whiskey, it’s subtle and nuanced, not overly sweet. It finishes all vanilla and fruit.”

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Mohonk Mountain Whiskey Tasting 2015

“Claire Marin, proprietor of Catskill Provisions, will host an evening that begins at 4 pm with a cocktail featuring Catskill Provisions Honey Rye Whiskey. Claire will lead us through a tasting of Catskill Provisions Honey Rye Whiskey as we explore a comparison with McKenzie Bourbon.”

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Good Spirits News April 2015

“Here in New York State, we are blessed with a wide variety of entrepreneurial farmers and craft beverage makers. So, it is always a pleasure when the GSN staff are sent a product that is 100% locally made. This time, it is a blend of two.Crafted through a partnership between a locally sourced food purveyor in the Catskill Mountains and an award-winning distillery in the Finger Lakes, New York Honey Whiskey is a perfect example of how using the best of two different worlds can create something that transcends them both.”

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Edible Brooklyn

“Back in the fall, my friend Hannah Kirshner of Sweets & Bitters entered a cocktail in NYC Honey Week’s Queen Bee Cocktail Classic, a competition for lady bartenders shaking and stirring with local honey. Her cocktail featured Catskill Provisions’ New York Honey Whiskey, honey switchel and bubbly water — and boy was it good.”

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An 88 from Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast has scored us with an 88!!! We are so happy to be reviewed and rated so well by a panel of judges like the group there.Score: 88  — Catskill Provisions New York Honey (USA; Finger Lakes Distilling, Burdett, NY). Abv: 40% Price: $40